Various Types of Shorts for Men and How to Buy Them


    Shorts make an apt choice to complete an informal stylish summer look. In the earlier days, shorts were an essential part of women’s wardrobe.

    However, later, shorts reappeared as a gents’ public fashion paired with coats and buttoned-down shirts. The trends shifted, and now you see them everywhere, from public places to beaches to tennis courts, offering comfort and fashion.

    Shorts are a kind of trousers that lengthen up to knees, mid-calves, or above (mid-thighs) and are available in many styles. Here is a list of the most common ones and a buying guide, as users prefer buying wholesale shorts to keep lasting fashionable summer apparel.

    Different Types of Men’s Shorts

    The Bermuda Shorts

    Bermuda shorts also go by other names like the dress or walk shorts. They lengthen 2 to 3 inches above the knee and have hand-sewn hems. Dress or Bermuda shorts offer good versatility; you can wear them with lighter sweaters, blazers, and T-shirts. Commonly they are cut from denim, but non-denim fabrics are equally popular.

    Tennis Shorts

    Sportswear requires comfort and stretchability, and tennis shorts deliver that. They usually fall above the knees and are made from stretchable fabrics.

    Cargo Shorts

    Khaki or cargo shorts are pretty popular among men. They are knee-covering with three to four medium-sized pockets on the sides. Mostly, users wear them for wilderness activities as the pockets come in handy for keeping tools and other small things.

    Cycling Shorts

    Cycling shorts are form-fitted, resisting air friction and reducing the rider’s efforts. Their elastic fabric provides the needed stretchability and comfort. Since they are a classic cycling summer wearable, they are reasonably breathable. Cycling shorts are not essential for regular bike trips; however, one feels their absence on long tours.

    Things To Consider When Buying Shorts

    There is a variety of shorts styles (far more than the ones mentioned above). However, these fundamental tips will help you get an ideal short regardless of your preferences.

    The Size

    Oversized or overfit shorts never look stylish. Therefore, it is best to buy one according to your waist and hip measurements. Take accurate measurements and select the most suitable size from the size chart (when ordering online). In case of buying from a physical store, don’t forget to use the try room.

    The Type

    Short’s suitability is essential. You won’t see a person wearing tennis shorts for swimming. Selecting the shorts according to the environment is vital. If you are shopping for casual wear, go for denim, pleated or flat front shorts. In contrast, if you want extra pockets, cargo shorts work best.


    Stretchability is an essential factor for most activities, and shorts deliver that. However, it is best to cross-check. Also, ensure that the drawing strings are of good quality and don’t thread away quickly.

    The Wrap Up

    Shorts are a popular masculine attire because they offer an unmatched informal summertime look. The posts talk about men’s shorts, which have various types and sometimes trouble users’ decisions.

    Buying shorts is not a hassle as long as you know where you are wearing them and how much comfort you need. You can wear them at beaches, tennis courts, family BBQs, (during) exercising, or in other settings. However, note that they are not gentlemen’s wear for formal events. If you are unsure about whether to wear shorts in a specific situation or not, it’s best to go with trousers or other wearables.


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