How to Choose and Style Your Cowboy Hat


Cowboy hats may be an integral style of clothing, but without a doubt, they are one of the most evergreen clothing ideas. We now see the pink cowboy hat in vogue alongside many other colors and styles for this item. However, till date, not everyone knows how to style or wear their cowboy hats perfectly. For most people, they met these hats after birth so there were no proper guidelines on the way to style the hat. Not to worry, the remainder of this article will discuss how you can style your cowboy hat.

What is a cowboy hat?

A cowboy hat is a hat type with many names, including cowgirl hat and western hat. This hat got created early on for cattle ranchers, protecting them from any mishaps while ranching. These hats worn by the ranchers at that time weren’t referred to as cowboy hats. Instead, they preferred to call them wide-brimmed hats until 1865 when John B. Stetson created and modernized the hats into what we know as the cowboy hat.

What’s The process of picking best cowboy hat

Everyone has a subconscious way of assuming that it is easy to pick a cowboy hat. Well, it is not always that simple, and it can get harder if you are not a decisive person. Choosing a cowboy hat depends mostly on your choice and what you love to wear rather than the cowboy hat itself. It’s always better to consider some factors while choosing and buying a cowboy hat;

Head shape:

We all have different head shapes, even when there is blood relations. You need to buy a cowboy hat that matches your head shape perfectly. If you have the oval shape, any cowboy hat will fit you, but if your head shape is round, you will prefer the cowboy hat with a taller crown. If you have a long or square face, your best cowboy hats will have a medium crown and a curved crown, respectively.

Your head size:

A cowboy hat should normally sit on your head perfectly – you do not need the hat to swallow your head or be too tight. The best way to go about it is to know your head size measurement before going ahead to purchase the cowboy hat. Most cowboy manufacturers have their hat size specifications, but it is always better to measure the width of the cowboy hat manually to give an accurate size.

The color:

Initially, cowboy hats were only brown colors, but today, thanks to the popularity, these hats come in hundreds of colors. You need to pick the color you need based on what you want to complement with your hats. If you wear colorful outfits most of the time, you can choose the brown or black cowboy hat. If you prefer to wear the simple colors, then you have liberty to choose any cowboy hat color.


With the information in this guide, styling your cowboy hat shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. You now understand that cowboy hats come in different sizes, each having their respective head size compatibility. You need to first get a cowboy hat that is compatible with your head size before choosing to buy and style the hat.


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